Silky Ultra Accel Taiko 240-7.5 Dentatura Large KSI544424

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The Ultra Accel has a big handle with thick rubber for better grip and a light aluminum chassis. The Ultra Accel has three types of blades:

- 240mm straight blade, pitch of 7,5: for general pruning works
- 240mm curved blade, pitch of 7,5: for pruning also above shoulder-height work, for higher working speed
- 240mm opposite curved blade (we call this "TAIKO"), pitch of 10: for woodworking and construction (dry wood/hard wood). It's ideal opposite curve allows clean cuts even on flat surfaces such as workbenches

  • Acciaio Giapponese Authentic Premium
  • Lunghezza lama: 240 mm
  • Dentatura: 7.5 denti per 30 mm
  • Dimensioni: 530 x 100 x 22 mm
  • Peso: 290 g
  • Tacca: 1.3 mm


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